Resource Status
Species Name: Labeo Rohita
Total Organs/Tissues: 19
Total Proteins: 8127
Shared Proteins: 5773
Tisue Specific Proteins: 2354

Welcome to the Fish Proteome Map (FPM)


The Fish Proteome Map (FPM) is a community resource for proteomic information for one of the important food fish, Labeo rohita- rohu. The given information is a representation of mass spectrometric data obtained from shotgun proteomics of 19 different tissues of rohu including air bladder, brain, eye, fin, gall bladder, gill, gut, heart, kidney, liver, muscle, scales, skin, spinal cord, spleen, male gonad, female gonad, blood plasma (female) and 4 day post fertilization embryo. Whole data is acquired using high resolution Orbitrap Fusion based mass spectrometry. Currently it has the information of 8127 proteins based on the identification using NCBI rohu database obtained from whole genome sequence information. Relative protein expression has been presented across the tissues along with the list of proteins specifically identified in a particular tissue. Additionally, it has the information for peptides identified in each tissue. The detailed peptide information for all these tissues of rohu is available on PeptideAtlas.

Mass spectrometric raw data and analyzed files can be obtained from Proteome-Xchange using the identifiers PXD026377 and PXD027141 respectively.

The FPM Portal is dynamic and scalable. This portal is based on Django Framework and front-end is developed using Bootstrap V4.


Nissa, M.U., Pinto, N., Mukherjee, A., Reddy, P.J., Ghosh, B., Sun, Z., Ghantasala, S., Chetanya, C., Shenoy, S.V., Moritz, R.L. and Goswami, M., 2021. Organ-Based Proteome and Post-Translational Modification Profiling of a Widely Cultivated Tropical Water Fish, Labeo rohita. Journal of proteome research.
PubMed ID: 34962809 DOI: Link

Fish Proteome Map is currently being actively developed by Proteomics Lab, IIT Bombay, India.